UNA is a pretty little Spanish place tucked behind some car park in the One Rochester. Open only for dinner, the outdoors section had beautiful lights – perfect for events. The inside was alright, and it was open concept.


The menu doubles as the placemat. That’s pretty efficient.


I really liked the bread basket. Choices of breads!


We started with appetisers – patatas bravas and scallops.


Can you really argue with the appeal of fried potato? These were like fluffy cut-up wedges.


Scallops! The Iberico chorizo paste (red stuff) and pea puree were unusual accompaniments for scallops, but worked really well. It was delicious! The paste and puree were just lovely together with the scallops, in terms of both texture and taste. I’d definitely order this again.

Next, we ordered the same main Wagyu Rump Steak. One medium, one medium rare. We had to switch our dishes, though. That’s just a tiny issue, except my friend had one less slice of steak. Heh. Collateral damage from finding out our dishes were mixed up.




Look at that beautiful pink. It was good steak, but nothing exceptional. I was satisfied with the doneness, which I can’t say for many other non-steak-centred establishments. That pinkness is making me crave steak right now…

Dessert was decent. I liked the unusual choices, like mango rice pudding.


I think dessert was on a different menu, so you’d have to ask. This mango rice pudding was great! The mango part was clearly not actual mango, but it tasted good. Like a dense sorbet? I’m a fan of rice pudding in general, and this one was much like Thai mango sticky rice. The whole dish is similar. You’ve got the mangoes, and you’ve got sticky rice with coconut milk. That’s basically what it was like, but with a twist in assembly (and mango).


Of course, you can’t have Spanish fare without churros. Unfortunately, these churros were just ‘eh’. The dip, however, was interesting. It was plain and creamy in the top half, and chocolate sauce on the bottom. Interesting, but nothing noteworthy in the taste department.

All in all, I’d still revisit this restaurant. The service was decent (albeit a little slow), they have bathrooms (men’s upstairs), you get the open air experience without feeling too warm if you sit inside, and the food is worth coming back for. We had a good meal.

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Tues – Sat 6PM to 11PM