I had the lunch Wagyu Omakase at Hachi restaurant. Small place, but very cosy. If you sit at the bar, you can watch your chef make your food. Sushi master!


A man who seemed to be the manager talked us through the courses, telling us about the different Wagyu cows from different places in Japan, etc. Unfortunately, I’m a terrible audio learner so it was more of an enjoy-the-moment kind of enlightening.


At the end of the counter, there was a tank full of oysters! Talk about fresh, huh?


1st Course: Sea urchin and mushroom tempura. This was the first time I’d ever eaten sea urchin, and I did not regret it. Sea urchin + seaweed + tempura = bliss.


2nd Course: Oyster! Chili flakes gave it a punch, and I enjoyed it despite typically avoiding spicy food. Also, this oyster was gigantic. It took me three bites. The shell was about 3/4 of a chopstick’s length.


3rd Course: Wagyu beef cheeks with Japanese yam and edamame. I can’t find fault with Wagyu beef cheeks, honestly. And the Japanese yam was a good pairing.


4th Course: Fish from the tuna family. I love my sashimi, so this was a treat. It didn’t feel like it was just thawed, and it tasted fresh.


5th Course: Wagyu! With tatami iwashi and foie gras powder. Absolutely divine.


5th Course from regular lunch Omakase: Wagyu! Notice how both dishes have different Wagyu? They’re cows from different regions in Japan. We received an enlightening lesson on the world of Wagyu’s.


6th Course: Wagyu nigiri. With foie gras powder, sea urchin and caviar, and ponzu respectively. I must say eating these was an amazing experience. Not only was it exquisite, it was also such a unique dish. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever come across Wagyu sushi in a menu (or other Omakase’s I’ve tried, for that matter).


7th Course: Soba noodles with small dried shrimp and Japanese sticky yam. The yam and shrimp really added to the noodles. There was hidden wasabe under that nori, though. What a rush!


8th (and last) Course: Yuzu jelly with black bean, accompanied by tea. The tea was pretty plain, which actually worked at the end of everything as a palate cleanser of sorts. The jelly was refreshing and the black beans went well with the jelly. Since I was taking photos, the apparent manager sprinkled some gold flakes into our bowls for some prettifying!

Overall, I truly enjoyed this entire experience. The food was great and of high quality, the friendly chef and attentive manager added personal touches to the whole meal, and the ambience was ideal for a relaxing lunch.

I also learned that they only serve fresh food directly from Japan. If there’s a delay in shipment, etc., they just don’t open that day since the food won’t be fresh. I found that both reassuring and impressive (other than that voice in the back of my mind worrying that my future reservations may be cancelled by the restaurant).

I’ve been looking for opportunities to return for their dinner Omakase. That should be a real treat. I’d highly recommend trying this out.

** Do note that their menu changes seasonally **

Hachi Restaurant
6 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-01
S’pore 238596
Mon-Fri (incl. PH): 12PM to 230PM, 6PM to 11PM
Sat & Sun: 6PM to 11PM


UNA is a pretty little Spanish place tucked behind some car park in the One Rochester. Open only for dinner, the outdoors section had beautiful lights – perfect for events. The inside was alright, and it was open concept.


The menu doubles as the placemat. That’s pretty efficient.


I really liked the bread basket. Choices of breads!


We started with appetisers – patatas bravas and scallops.


Can you really argue with the appeal of fried potato? These were like fluffy cut-up wedges.


Scallops! The Iberico chorizo paste (red stuff) and pea puree were unusual accompaniments for scallops, but worked really well. It was delicious! The paste and puree were just lovely together with the scallops, in terms of both texture and taste. I’d definitely order this again.

Next, we ordered the same main Wagyu Rump Steak. One medium, one medium rare. We had to switch our dishes, though. That’s just a tiny issue, except my friend had one less slice of steak. Heh. Collateral damage from finding out our dishes were mixed up.




Look at that beautiful pink. It was good steak, but nothing exceptional. I was satisfied with the doneness, which I can’t say for many other non-steak-centred establishments. That pinkness is making me crave steak right now…

Dessert was decent. I liked the unusual choices, like mango rice pudding.


I think dessert was on a different menu, so you’d have to ask. This mango rice pudding was great! The mango part was clearly not actual mango, but it tasted good. Like a dense sorbet? I’m a fan of rice pudding in general, and this one was much like Thai mango sticky rice. The whole dish is similar. You’ve got the mangoes, and you’ve got sticky rice with coconut milk. That’s basically what it was like, but with a twist in assembly (and mango).


Of course, you can’t have Spanish fare without churros. Unfortunately, these churros were just ‘eh’. The dip, however, was interesting. It was plain and creamy in the top half, and chocolate sauce on the bottom. Interesting, but nothing noteworthy in the taste department.

All in all, I’d still revisit this restaurant. The service was decent (albeit a little slow), they have bathrooms (men’s upstairs), you get the open air experience without feeling too warm if you sit inside, and the food is worth coming back for. We had a good meal.

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Tues – Sat 6PM to 11PM

Ruth’s Chris

Ruth’s Chris, an American steakhouse. I first heard of this restaurant years back, from my Mother. Apparently it had a pretty good reputation.

I’m finally in the bracket where I can dine at these places with or without my family/mother, so I first visited on V-day for lunch with my then-partner.

We got a window-wall seat, which didn’t make the best ‘us at the table’ photos because of the backlight, but that’s irrelevant. The service was excellent, and my partner was given a rose to give to me after our meal. That was a really sweet touch to the experience.


We ordered a prawn appetiser, which was pretty good albeit simple and nothing special. It was a good sauce.

We had a porterhouse (I think) to share. I have to say that I don’t have the best impression of their plating. However, I think that presentation is secondary once your food itself possesses great flavour and texture. Cos it won’t need to dress up – it would have a stunning personality. ;p


We were given personal plates each, with a layer of what seemed like… oil? I’m not sure what it was, some kind of butter sauce. It added flavour, which was great. The particular cut we received had a lot of fats, of which I’m not really a fan. However, the meaty parts were delicious. The doneness was good although not perfect. I must say that I did enjoy this steak, and I think I ate more of it than my partner. Heh. It was pretty filling for both of us (but then my partner wasn’t a big eater).

We finished off with dessert – we chose a classic creme brulee.


100% no regrets. Maybe the love in the air coloured the experience, but it was the best creme brulee I’d ever had in my life. You could see the little dots from the vanilla beans in the custard, the crack from the brulee was perfect, and the proportion of custard to sugar was excellent. It came with a pieces of fruit, like a strawberry or two and a couple of berries. We thoroughly enjoyed our dessert. 10/10 would be willing to go there just for the dessert. It wasn’t even exorbitantly priced. May I emphasise that the custard was divine?

These three dishes and one glass of red came up to a ballpark of around $300, including service charge & GST. We also received a $50-off voucher for a following visit. It was probably a special-occasion kind of offer.

The second time I visited Ruth’s Chris was for my mother’s birthday. We ordered several dishes. Service was, again, great.

We had crab cakes, mushrooms, and fries for sides.


The crab cakes were pretty good! It even came with a lemon wedge in a little fabric bag (in the background of the photo) so you wouldn’t get rogue lemon juice droplets flying out of bounds. Yummy.


Your regular sauteed mushrooms, but these were big!


From what I recall, this menu item was neither ‘wedges’ nor ‘fries’ but it was something to the effect of… steak potatoes? They were delicious. Perfectly baked and perfectly spiced! Would recommend.

We ordered several mains, of course.


They served it all at the same time, which I honestly appreciated. One of the more awkward dining moments is having your food getting cold while your companions wait for their dishes or, worse still, eating first and finishing far earlier than your company.

My brother and I ordered tenderloins/filets, my mother had a ribeye, and my grandmother had tuna.

I’ve only had tuna as sashimi, so this was an interesting sight. However, Ruth’s Chris is a steakhouse and it wasn’t all that shocking when my grandmother commented that their tuna was nothing special. As far as personal taste goes, she preferred it to be a little more cooked.


Look at that gorgeous pink. Thick, juicy, and perfectly done. All hail great steak.


Mother had ribeye, which she said wasn’t all that great. It was good, but she’d had better (to be fair, she has expansive experience with fine dining so there’s that). I had a piece, which I did enjoy. So I would say it’s pretty decent either way.

Then came dessert. I convinced the family to order two creme brulee dishes, because I am a maniac. And we had a lemon cheesecake thing, to cut the sweetness (for them at least – I’m a sweet tooth). We also received a birthday dessert for mother! That was a nice touch. This place goes the extra mile for sure.


I’m still not entirely sure what this was. Some kind of scone, I think? Personally I found it a little dry, but I’ve honestly never come across a free birthday dessert that was impeccable. So this wasn’t all that surprising.


It was a little too citric for me, but I also generally don’t appreciate sour cutting into my desserts. If you like something more tart for dessert, this is your guy. I’ll say that I did like the texture of the cream, though.


Ah, here we go. My love. Ruth’s Chris did not disappoint. I finished almost all of one of these. Oops. #SorryNotSorry

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Raffles Blvd, S’pore 039594
Daily 1130AM to 3PM, 530PM to 11PM